The low-power, high-range engineering of Z-Wave means that it's available in different frequencies in different countries. Each frequency has been approved by local government regulators and optimised for best-performance in each Z-Wave product. makes a broad selection of Z-Wave devices available globally. To do so, we sell them in a variety of frequencies as well. The table below helps you understand which frequency version you need to purchase for where you live. 


Z-Wave frequencies per country.

 Country / Region Frequency
Algeria 868.4MHz
Argentina 908.4MHz
Armenia 868.4MHz
Australia 921.4MHz
Bahamas 908.4MHz
Bahrain 868.4MHz
Barbados 908.4MHz
Bermuda 908.4MHz
Bolivia 908.4MHz
Brazil 921.4MHz
British Virgin Islands 908.4MHz
Canada 908.4MHz
Cayman Islands 908.4MHz
CEPT 868.4MHz
Chile 921.4MHz
China 868.4MHz
Colombia 908.4MHz
Costa Rica 922.5MHz
Dominican Republic 921.4MHz
Ecuador 908.4MHz
Egypt 868.4MHz
El Salvador 921.4MHz
EU 868.4MHz
French Guiana 868.4MHz
Gerogia 868.4MHz
Guatemala 908.4MHz
Haiti 908.4MHz
Honduras 908.4MHz
Hong Kong 919.8MHz
India 865.2MHz
Indonesia 921.4MHz
Israel 916MHz
Jamaica 908.4MHz
Japan 922.5MHz
Jordan 868.4MHz
Kazakhstan 868.4MHz
Kuwait 868.4MHz
Lebanon 868.4MHz
Libya 868.4MHz
Macau 921.7MHz
Malaysia 921.4MHz
Maldives 868.4MHz
Mauritius 868.4MHz
Mexico 908.4MHz
Morocco 868.4MHz
New Zealand 921.4MHz
Nicaragua 908.4MHz
Nigeria 868.4MHz
Oman 868.4MHz
Panama 908.4MHz
Paraguay 921.4MHz
Peru 921.4MHz
Philippines 868.4MHz
Qatar 868.4MHz
Russia 869.0Mhz
Saudi Arabia 868.4MHz
Singapore 921.7MHz
South Africa 868.4MHz
South Korea 921.7MHz
St Kitts & Nevis 908.4MHz
Suriname 908.4MHz
Taiwan 921.7MHz
Thailand 921.7MHz
Trinidad & Tabago 908.4MHz
Turkmenistan 868.4MHz
Turks & CaicosIslands 908.4MHz
UAE 868.4MHz
Uruguay 921.4MHz
USA 908.4MHz
Uzbekistan 868.4MHz
Vietnam 921.4MHz
Yemen 868.4MHz